How To

Preparing a ring sling


1. Choose on which side you want to carry your baby and place the rings on the opposite shoulder. Spread the fabric over your back and hold the tail with the other hand. Pass the tail through both rings and make sure that the fabric is not twisted.


2. Separate the rings so that the tail pass over the upper ring and under the bottom ring. Ensure that fabric between the rings is evenly spread and there is no twist in the sling. You should be able to access both rails.


3. Place the rings high on your shoulder, they will move down during adjusting the sling.

Putting in the baby in a ring sling


4. Lift and hold your baby up against your free shoulder. Continuing to support her weight, slide her into the sling pouch so that the fabric rests near your baby’s knees.


5. Place the lower rail of the sling under the baby’s bottom. Place your baby’s legs in a natural, seated M-position. Knees should be higher than your baby’s bottom. Ensure that there is plenty of fabric under baby’s bottom and that the lower rail of the ring sling is reaching from one knee to the other. Supporting her weight with one hand, reach inside the sling, in between your body and baby’s body, and pull the bottom rail up towards your baby’s belly button to ensure that she is in a deep seated position. Easily pull the upper rail of the material above the baby’s back. Upper rail of the fabric should be in a line with the baby’s ears.


6. Spread the fabric above your shoulders. Rings should be just below the collarbone, and for your comfort, optimal placement of sling is away from your neck and closer to your shoulder.

Done! Before you go and try your ring sling, make sure that your baby is full-fed and relaxed.