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More about STORK

1. Which products is STORK producing?

Our STORK story have started with linen ring slings. Later on we were always in a need of some kind of bonnet for our baby, one lead to another and officially we have published our first linen bonnets collection for kids in spring 2020. Now, besides ring slings and bonnets, we are in a middle of a testing process of linen rompers collection for kids and we hope that in a near future we will have to offer more linen products for our little ones. 🙂

2. Where are STORK products made?

All our products are proudly made in Serbia.

The ring sling

1. What is the ring sling and is it safe?

The ring sling is short wrap carrier, easy to use and made from the highest quality aluminum rings (free of welds, certified and tested for non-toxicity, heavy metals and each individual ring was exposed to pull test up to 113 kg) and natural fabric to ensure your child’s safety, which is our greatest concern. However, like for any baby carrier, proper use is required for safe babywearing. Please study and practice our recommended carrying techniques.

Once you master the sling this will literally take you seconds to put your baby in it and it will save your arms from carrying them all day.

2. When can I start wearing my baby and up to what weight?

We recommend wearing your baby up to a max of 15kg.

Most newborns can be worn right away, but if your baby has health challenges or weight less than 3,6 kg you should discuss babywearing with your health care practitioner.

3. Dimension of the sling

Depending of collections, our slings length varies between 1,8m or 2m. Width is appx. 65-70 cm.

Custom made slings are possible, for more info contact us on hello@storkringsling.com

4. Is it possible to choose color of the rings?

Our slings have been already made by shown options, but we are glad to meet your needs if we have preferable rings on stock at the moment. Please contact us on hello@storkringsling.com

Choose your sling

1. How to choose which sling is best for me?

Our general recommendation is to pick preferable sling by color and look, because you will be more likely to use it. But we can help you with choice with some practice suggestion:

If you’re new to ring sling, we always recommend single layered slings, because they are easier to learn, adjust and can be used for all periods of babywearing.

If you have experience with ring sling, and your baby is about 10kg, double layered can be good option for carrying longer durations of time.

2. Which sling is the best choice during warm weather?

For warm weather we always recommend our single layer 100% linen sling. But all of our slings are made from 100% natural fabric (linen, linen-viscose or linen-cotton) and they do great due to the linen breathable preferences.

3. What is the difference between single and double layer sling?

In single and double layer slings you can wear your baby up to 15kg. We recommend single layer for newborns or smaller babies, because they are easy to adjust and learn. Single layer is light and breathable, and good choice during warm weather.

Double layer is thicker (two layer of fabrics) and provides lots of support and comfort in carrying larger babies for longer duration of time.

We always recommend starting with single layer sling, because some of babies never “size up” to double layer.


1. What is the difference between stonewashed and classic linen?

Stonewashed linen is actually high quality linen that has been pre-washed prior to use, and that process increases the softness and flexibility of pure linen fabric. The linen fabric is being washed in large washing machine, together with natural stones, which causes repeatedly beating of linen fabric.

As a result, we have a fabric with vintage color, soft and beautiful look.

We have created stonewashed linen collection to go hand in hand with mammies who don’t feel comfy with breaking in linen but want to wear their babies in 100% natural material, especially in summer days, when linen is perfect choice for wearing during warm weather.

Order, shipping and return policy

1. How can I order STORK products?

You can easily order your STORK products through our website or via social media: Facebook and Instagram. If you choose ordering by social media, please send us products which you want to order, your name, surname, address and contact number, and we will let you know when your order will be ready for shipping.

2. Do you ship worldwide?

Gladly! Please contact us for more shipping info, about shipping options and costs. Please note that buyer is responsible for any import or customs fees that may apply at the point of checkout or upon delivery of order.

3. How fast will I get my sling? And how much are the shipping costs?

We strive to ship orders as quickly as possible, and orders are usually shipped within two business days. Please allow up to five additional business days during high-volume times.

For domestic orders it takes 1 or 2 days to arrive when we send out your package, and for international shipment it takes up to 2 weeks.

Domestic shipping cost depends on package weight, and it starts from 350 rsd. For international orders, shipment is 10 euros or more.

4. Can I exchange or return my sling?

You are entitled to an exchange or refund within 15 days of your delivery date. Please note that product must be returned in new, unwashed condition and in original packing with all original tags.  Send us e-mail with subject title Return or Exchange and we will reply with complete instructions.

Orders placed during our sales or pre-orders are final sales and are not eligible for refund, return or exchange.

Payment methods

1. How can I pay my order?

For domestic orders, you can pay when product is delivered, and for international orders, payment has been done before delivery. For international orders please contact us for more info about payment method on hello@storkringsling.com